Three easy steps to perform your analysis


Download the empty form by clicking the first button; fill it reading carefully each cell of the form and save it in your PC.


to download the form

Please, read carefully all the indications in the form to ensure a good analysis of your data!, good haplotype assingment!


Upload your filled form from step 1 by clicking the second button.


your filled form

Thank you for contribuiting to the research, make sure you have filled in all the desired information.


Upload your single-fasta or multifaste file
by clicking the third button. Be sure that IDs in your fasta file exactly match with IDs in your filled form uploaded in step 2.


your file

Be sure that sequences ID correspond exactly to ID in your form (take in account lower-upper cases), so that we can perform your analysis correctly.

Thank you for your contribution, we
hope you have a great day and enjoy
your haplotype analysis!!

Submitted sequences will not become public
when analyzed by our website.
We will just use the haplotype information
from your sequence to correlate
it with patient data.
When we get sufficient data,
published information from this data will
contain the proper acknowledgement to all
the list of submitters and institutions.
If you have questions please contact us
or go to our FAQ page.